Mr. Herndon's Technology and Journalism Class

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Computers are pervasive in virtually every facet of society. The information technology sector is booming with jobs in graphics design, web application programming, network, database, and system administration. In today’s competitive global market place it is imperative that today’s students be technologically savvy.

Yearbook Journalism is a fast-paced, hands-on class in which students will apply learned skills to the production of the Collinsville student yearbook. Working collaboratively, students will be responsible for the photography, production, publication, and marketing of the school yearbook.

In the Web Design class, an intensive focus will be placed on the internet and website design. Students will learn how to build websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Struts, MySQL, and Java. Students will learn internet usage for research and information gathering.

In the Animation class, students will be exposed to a variety of forms of animation. Through hands on projects, students will learn the fundamentals of design and computer technology used in the art of animation. Students will develop knowledge, concepts, and technical skills necessary for digital animation.

In the Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS) class, students will receive a comprehensive overview of business computer tools used in the workplace. Students will learn wordprocessing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation programs, desktop publishing, and an introduction to web design.

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In the Technology Application's class, students will learn the basics of computers, internet, graphics, animation, programming and business applications. This is a one semester class.

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